Yes, you can buy the connectors online or at your local electronic store.

Yes. There is a wire that runs from the shoulder strap near the phone / MP3 pouch, through the bag to the battery pack. Just plug this wire into the "DC OUT" plug on the battery pack to receive power.

There are also wire holes throughout the bag to run wires, so you can channel the power out cable from the battery pack through these wire holes to the main pouch or to the right side pocket.

Yes, you need to make sure your battery backup as being charging during the day and it is fully charged. Make sure your battery backup is on Off position at all the time unless your want to charge a device.

Yes. All the battery are ready to use right away. You can plug your small device to your battery backup and start charging.
Yes. USB universal plug allow us to charge all electronics using a charging cable which attaches to the battery pack via our included USB adaptor (5V) or the optional iPod adaptor (5V).

As you know the use of solar energy is considered to be environmentally friendly because is an alternative of electricity.


Our bag combines different eco-friendly materials to create awareness on the different usages of solar energy. We aim to make products accessible to everyone who supports environment protection by offering a new way to carry their electronics on the go.

For maximum power output, face the panels towards the sun. If the panels are in direct sunlight but not angled towards the sun the power declines by about 20%. When they are angled away from the sun the power drops off by up to 90%.

You can charge any small electronics using your bag including cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, GPS , DSC , PSP etc. If you need to charge a laptop or most powerful devices you will need a high-powered bag also offered in our catalog.

They last average for a lifetime unless they are broken or destroyed. These situations are unlikely to occurred in the everyday use of them.

It will vary depending on the type of devices . Usually it will take between 4-6 hours under full sunlight conditions . When is cloudy weather or the position of the panels are not directly facing the sun will change the amount of energy receiving.

Approximate Charging Times

Item                Hours Direct Sunlight * Green Light

Ecowatt Bag           8-10

Cell Phone               4-6

Digital Camera          4-8

GPS                        4-6

iPod                        5-6


Charges will vary depending on cloudy weathers, high temperatures and sun angled position.

Try to avoid scratches on the surface of your solar panel and keep them clean , as you will do your car windshields or watch. Remember your panel is your source of solar energy.

As any other battery , your bag comes with a “backup” battery that stores power at all the time .To charge using the sunlight , just plug your bag cable to your battery or take the USB port an plug it in any compatible device i.e. laptop.

Make sure your battery is charged and ready your manual user instructions before plug any device. You will need to choose the right connector to plug into your device and make sure the connectors are properly plugged into the battery backup.

No, all solar panels are waterproof and the materials we use to manufacture each model are made of recycled PET materials. If your bag get really wet , you need to wait to dry out completely to avoid damage your electronics.

You can see how your panel charges solar energy at all the time. When the led light is in ‘’green’’ means you are fully receiving solar cells , and when it is in ‘’red’’ is partially charging. However , you can always check your battery backup light.

As soon as the battery pack receives a charge (from either the solar panels, the AC charger, or the car charger) you can begin to charge your device.


When using solar power, it is more efficient to let the battery pack partially charge (to amber on the charge indicator) before plugging in the device. However, if you have both a flat phone battery and a flat battery pack, you should be able to plug in your phone, angle the bag towards the sun, and make a call.

Ecowatt® bags includes USB universal plug which is compatible with all electronics we carry the most. If you need a special connector to fir your device you can access our catalog to choose the right for you.