What is ECOWATT?

Ecowatt designs, manufactures and distributes eco-freindly, fashion-forward products.  We produce smart, stylish backpacks and bags that provide more than the simple purpose of carrying your belongings.  Our products harness the sun’s energy and allow you to charge all of your favorite electronics devices while you are on the go. 

What’s more, our line of products offers you an earth friendly way of keeping you connected, as they are made with waterproof and recycled fabrics.

While our products come in a variety of styles and colors, we classify them as either high-powered or low-poweredThe high-powered bags offer stronger solar panels to power devices that require greater energy such as a laptop.

The low powered bags are designed to power handheld electronics that need less energy such as ipods, cameras, phones, and gps devices.  The power capacity in these bags is 5 volts. 

Whether you are a global traveler or trekking across campus, any one of our backpacks or bags will more than fulfill your needs.